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    Economic globalization has brought us opportunities and challenges in the intense competition.Only deal with international competition law and commercial standards, can we truly outstanding other enterprises to win in the competition. So we can not stay in what we have in the past.

    At the same time of amplifing success factors, we also need to change to meet market trends of the business concept and behavior habits, to further stimulate the passion and team vitality of the organization, to give full play to our ability to innovate, and constantly better ourselves to create a thriving source of power and rapid ascension in the overall competitiveness.

     We know that a business can not develop without the active participation and cooperation of the team, Nasda,too. So we eagerly look forward that every employee can give full play to their  abilities and talents, always full of positive enthusiasm for the future success of NASDA.

     And finally to further promote the development of China's manufacturing industry!